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There is an asp: Update Panel on the page but the hidden field is not part of this panel.EDIT: This is the code I use to check the value of the field in code behind in the second postback, after it has been set to false in the last step of the first postback.string connetion String = "YOUR_CONSTR" ; string upd Stmt = "UPDATE Quantity set [email protected]_pro4, [email protected]_pro5, [email protected]_profile5 " "where [email protected] Name"; using (Sql Connection cnn = new Sql Connection(connetion String)) I don't see any instance of Sql Connection created!?Something like Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection(CON_STR) or perhaps a using like in my example. Make sure the parameters on the update match the field names (@branch Name, @Parent Id). Giving me an error in the browser: Must declare the scalar variable "@Locations".

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Also, I don't care for data appearing in the hyperlink parameters, so I pass the data as hidden temporary cookies.UPDATE My Table SET Column1 = (SELECT Some Column FROM Some Other Table WHERE Such And Such = This And That), Column2 = (SELECT Some Other Column FROM Some Other Table WHERE Such And Such = This And That), ... FROM My Table INNER JOIN Some Other Table ON My Table. This And That WHERE Primary Key Column = Some Value Bear in mind that updating data in one table with data from another table may be a sign of bad database design.WHERE Primary Key Column = Some Value UPDATE My Table SET Column1 = Some Other Table. I've seen developers use these approaches to duplicate data across multiple tables so that it's "easier" or "quicker" to write a query to read the data, but such actions are (usually) folly. I think it is not holding the value that i entered in the Grid. Thank you Your column headings or SQL field names will automatically be declared as variables.If there is a column in your select data [Locations] , you can use set [Locations][email protected] in your insert statement.

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In 2001, she starred in the movie Lucky Girl, in which she received her first award, the Gemini Awards, but her career began in earnest in the 2000s when she played Kim Bauer, daughter of Jack Bauer in the action series 24.

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At the ceremony, Taylor received a touching tribute from her mother, Andrea Swift, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

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No competing product has this type of recognition and popularity.